About Us

eshashalazini is a music charts website operated in Johannesburg that consolidates South African music charts from disparate sources into one long list that ranks top charted songs in South Africa within a given chart week. The chart week ranges from Monday to Sunday, with charts updated every Monday at 6AM.

Our disparate sources are often made up of music charts originating from:

  1. Music Streaming Services, as well as
  2. South African Radio Stations

eshashalazini chart rankings are based on radio listenership statistics (RAMS) as well internet traffic for music streaming sites, for more details see our Methodology page. Furthermore, visit the Stations page to view a list of sources used in our charts.

Twitter Trends

In addition to compiling a list of popular songs in South Africa, we have put together a list of trending topics that every South African on Twitter is talking about. This list is updated hourly beginning at mid-night. To access the archive of Twitter Trends, visit our Twitter Trends page.


If you have any questions, please contact us via our Contact page or email us at [email protected]